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3 Special Considerations When Buying the Ideal Air Cannons for Your Industrial Material-Handling Equipment

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If you own an industrial silo or bin, investing in ideal air cannons can be essential in facilitating smooth material flow. They are crucial flow aids that help eliminate blockages inside your bulk material-handling equipment. Air cannons can be installed on a silo or bin to facilitate material movement using high-pressure air and enhance overall flow. If you plan to invest in industrial air cannons for your industrial operations, consider these three essential tips to make the right purchase decision. 

Invest in Multi-Valve Air Cannons 

You can choose different air cannons for your industrial operations, but selecting multi-valve types has its benefits. These air cannons contain several valves that aid in the proper distribution of pressurised air at various stages of material flow. On the other hand, single-valve cannons only remove compacted materials from a single point or channel. Therefore, they can only be helpful in simpler material-handling operations. However, if you're running more advanced equipment with multiple material flow phases, opting for multi-valve air cannons can prove more efficient and practical. Also, investing in such equipment can be more cost-effective than buying multiple air cannons for your system. 

Consider the Vessel's Lining

Pressure material handling equipment can come with or without internal lining, which defines the air cannon you should purchase. These linings are crucial in making the equipment impermeable. Additionally, they help eliminate or minimise the load exerted on the primary walls of the pressure equipment. Having a pressure vessel with an interior lining is only a preventive measure and not a must since most materials used to build most pressure vessels are highly resilient. Select those with ceramic or polymer liners if you opt for lined equipment. 

 The Weight and Capacity of the Materials

Air cannons produce pressure, measured in PSI (pound per square inch). If you are handling heavier materials like gravel, coal or sand, consider choosing air cannons that produce higher PSI levels. However, you might need air cannons with lower PSI when handling smaller or lighter materials such as flour or cereals. Consider investing in those with adjustable pressure levels if you want to get the most out of your air cannons. As such, you can ensure that your material-handling equipment can adapt to any production requirements. 

Consider these three tips when shopping for the best air cannons for your industrial operations. Work with a reputable supplier to conduct system assessments before choosing air cannons for your material handling equipment.