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Three Reasons Custom Rubber Moulding Products Are Vital To The Defence Industry

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Whether it's tanks, planes or ships, the defence sector relies on advanced custom rubber moulding products to ensure the safety and operational effectiveness of weapons systems and vehicles.

Here are three ways that custom rubber moulding products can be used to help keep troops safe and their equipment running smoothly:

1. Custom Rubber Moulding Products Can Be Used To Make Military Belts And Tracks

Military belts and tracks are essential to the operation of tanks, armoured vehicles and other types of military vehicles. They provide support for the weight of all the equipment a soldier needs to carry when on a mission, so it's crucial that they are strong enough to withstand heavy loads. Custom rubber moulding products can be used to make these parts because their flexibility makes them durable and long-lasting in harsh environments. Latex tubing products like tubing and hose are among the most commonly used products for military belts and tracks. They can be cut down to size and moulded into the desired shape, then glued together with a strong adhesive to create a belt or track that is both flexible and durable. These products also offer excellent resistance to chemicals like fuel, oil and water.

2. Custom Rubber Moulding Can Be Used To Make Equipment For Rifles

Rifles are a common piece of military equipment that can be customised with this method. The rubber moulding process can be used to create parts like rifle slings and buttstocks, which are often made from high-strength materials like nylon or polypropylene. Plastic extrusion products are also used in the construction of rifles, including the barrel and magazine. These products are easy to mould and can be cut down to size using a special CNC machine. 

3. Custom Rubber Moulding Can Be Used For Military Vehicles And Helicopters 

Military vehicles and helicopters also rely on this technology to make their parts. Plastic moulding products are used to make the vehicle's body, wheels, and tires. This process is also used to create accessories like side mirrors and windshield wipers. Helicopter rotor blades are made from nylon or polypropylene so that they can withstand the pressure of flying through the air. Custom rubber moulding products can also be used to make the parts for an airplane's wing, fuselage, and tail.

The defence industry is a very demanding one and it requires custom rubber moulding products to be of the highest quality. To find out more about these products, contact a company that produces custom rubber moulding products.