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How to Choose the Right Number of Air Cannons

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If you have problems with the materials that run through your storage containers, then you may have decided to install an air cannon. These cannons use air to keep materials flowing; they can also clean materials off your container walls if necessary.

In some cases, one air cannon will do the job for you. However, you sometimes need to put multiple cannons in a storage container to get the best results. How can you tell if you need to install more than one device?

Which Materials Do You Store?

The materials in your storage containers influence the type of cannons you choose. They may also affect how many cannons you need in a container.

Some materials are free-flowing and dry. They don't tend to clump together, and they run freely in and out of the container. You're likely to have fewer flow problems with these materials, and one cannon might be able to keep things in good shape for you.

However, if your materials don't flow as easily, then you may need more than one air cannon in the container. You may need to put more devices inside in key areas to keep the materials moving. This is often the case if you're dealing with sticky materials that clump together into larger lumps as they sit in storage.

Materials that also contain water or oil may also move sluggishly. Anything that hardens in storage could also be problematic. Rather than having one area where you need help from an air cannon, you might have multiple trouble spots. So, you may need multiple cannons.

What Is Your Container Like?

Your storage container also plays a part in choosing an effective cannon system. A small container with sloping sides may only need one device to keep things moving; larger or more complex containers may need more.

For example, if your container is square or rectangular, then any material might collect in corners and around edges. It may also clump in the middle as usual.

You could end up with a weak flow rate because you have multiple hotspots where materials have gotten stuck. One air cannon might not be able to target every part of this problem, and you may need to install multiple cannons in key areas to keep all of the container clear from obstructions.

If you aren't sure how many cannons you should install, then talk to air cannon suppliers. They can help you get the right number of devices in your containers to keep your materials and processes in good shape.