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3 top tips for buying water troughs

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Water is a vital part of agricultural life, it keeps animals hydrated and crops healthy. Any farmer will be concerned therefore with the best way to get water supplies to animals. There are plenty of options available on the market which makes selecting the correct option difficult. Especially in tough rural conditions it is vital that you make the correct choice, especially as the costs associated with water troughs can be high, particularly if you're buying in a large quantity at once for your entire farm. There are a few key considerations which can help you begin the selection process and identify potential suppliers. Getting these right sets the barriers for you to make other choices, such as quantity and brand, safe in the knowledge that the troughs will meet your basic requirements. 

Buy troughs designed for your requirements

It is important that you select water troughs which have been designed for the climate conditions and industrial application you want. This includes the type of animals you intend it to be used by, and whether the trough will remain outdoors at all times of the year. Don't be tempted to try and re-purpose other types of container or storage on your site, and this will make it more difficult for your animals to drink from, and runs the risk that the materials won't be able to contain the weight of the water, or that it might be damaged in a tough storm. Always look for a supplier who focuses on agricultural equipment, they will also be able to point out any other considerations you might not have thought about.

With tank or without tank

For farmers looking to improve their water efficiency, become more cost effective, and reduce the time it takes to transport resources like water around the farm, you can purchase water troughs which have a water tank attached. This allows you to collect rainfall, or store more water at a time, and have it immediately available for your animals to drink. This can be an excellent way to ensure that your animals have easy access to water, as well as making use of nature's free supply of water.

Additional features to look out for

Water troughs are much more than tubs for water. They have now been designed with ease of use in mind, for example with quick release covers and easy drainage solutions. You should also make sure that the water troughs you purchase have a service agreement, so that should something go wrong you don't lose out financially.