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Preventing Algae Growth in Your Rainwater Harvesting Tank

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Water consumption among Australians tends to be relatively high, despite the fact that the continent has become quite dry over the years. With water steadily turning into a scarce commodity, it is no wonder that rain harvesting solutions are being sought by most homeowners. However, once you get your 10000-litre water tank, you have to put measures in place to ensure that the water you are storing does not become contaminated. Algae is one of the biggest culprits of water contamination, primarily since it thrives in hot climates. Over time, the algae can affect the taste of the water and even become a health hazard. So how do you prevent algae growth in your rainwater-harvesting tank?

Choose dark colours when picking a tank

Preventing algae from growing in your tank will start with your choice of colour for your receptacle. Always gravitate toward dark colours as algae have a proclivity of breeding when they are getting sufficient light. It should be noted that not just the exterior of the tank should be dark coloured. The interior of the tank should also have a dark lining as this limits any light penetration. The darker the inside of the tank, the less likely the risk of algae contamination down the road.

Invest in a filter

Once you have bought your 10000-litre water tank, you then have to invest in accessories that would keep your water safe. The most fundamental device that you should purchase would be a filter, particularly if you are collecting rainwater via guttering systems. The filters should be installed at strategic access points such as right at the mouth of the gutters, at the point of entry into the tank as well as at the tap (if your tank has one). These filters will minimise the number of unwanted particles that could make their way into your tank, which helps in limiting the risk of algae growth. Take note that all the filters should have a scheduled cleaning regiment to make sure they stay in optimum condition.

Keep the tank sheltered

Summer can be scorching in Australia, and it would be unfortunate to take meticulous measures to maintain clean tank water, only for the heat to accelerate the growth of algae. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure your tank is sheltered. An ideal investment would be constructing a shade over the tank that would keep the ambient temperature cool. You could also cover the tank with a dark coloured tarpaulin with ultraviolet resistance to minimise the radiant heat from penetrating the receptacle.