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Safety Tips to Observe When Working With Boom Lifts

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Boom lifts are versatile platforms that are widely used across various industries to aid in the lifting of loads. They are popular due to their mobility and ability to lift workers so that they can work at different heights at construction sites, factories, processing plants and other work sites. Unlike most heavy equipment, boom lifts can even be used for indoor projects such as indoor electrical and HVAC installation. When deciding to use boom lift hire services, you need to follow various safety protocol so that you prevent hazards and fatal injuries at the site.

Carry out a pre-work inspection

Most accidents that result from boom lifts are due to malfunctioning or damaged equipment. It is wrong to assume that the boom lift is in excellent condition even if you used it the previous day. Always carry out a pre-work inspection of the equipment before commencing work. Inspect the platform, hydraulics, controls and other critical components to ensure that they are in proper working condition. A boom lift with damaged or faulty parts should not be used on the site before being repaired.

Check weight limit

Overloading a boom lift can lead to improperly working equipment. Always check the weight limit before loading anything onto it. Manufacturers indicate a specified limit that should not be exceeded. Calculate the load of all the items that will be loaded onto the platform. This includes the worker's body weight, tools and bucket liners. You can always use materials in shifts rather than loading everything onto the platform at once.

Secure yourself on the platform

When you or another worker is being lifted on a boom lift, you should ensure that your feet are firmly planted on the floor of the platform. This will prevent falls which can lead to severe injuries or even death. Avoid carrying bulky items in your hands when the lift moves as you can compromise your balance and ability to secure yourself if there is an emergency. If needed, wear safety harnesses.

Don't use scaffolding equipment

Boom lifts have a specified height beyond which they cannot lift a load. It is common for workers to be tempted to use ladders, scaffolding equipment and other items to provide extra height. This is extremely dangerous. Since the scaffolding is not planted on the ground, it is likely to be unstable. If you need a scaffold, install it on solid ground. Also, use personal protective equipment to guarantee your safety as you work on the boom lift.