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Is sheet metal furniture right for you?

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Are you looking for new furniture for your company office, leisure centre, or commercial building? Sheet metal is a great material from which to create some of the most stylish furniture designs imaginable. Why not ask your metalworking company what sheet metal furniture designs they could produce for you? Everything from furniture brackets and tubular pieces through to fully assembled and painted tables, benches and chairs will start life as sheet metal. Furniture created in this way can be found in offices, shops, schools, and commercial buildings everywhere.

How is the furniture created?

One of the great advantages of using sheet metal to create your furniture is that the design can be produced using the latest CNC laser cutting machines. Employing computer controlled cutting on sheet metal furniture means that you can eliminate the possibility of the craftsman making a cutting error. Computer control means that every piece of metal will be cut with precision, and that every piece cut to that design will be identical.

What equipment will they use?

In addition to laser cutting machines your metalworking company will also have access to the latest CNC pressbrakes, CNC punches, and tube cutting and bending facilities to ensure that even the most intricate structures can be produced with only a minimal amount of welding required. A well equipped metalworking workshop will be able to offer you the use of the latest offline CAD/CAM programming packages to help you design exactly the furniture that is right for your environment. The use of CAD/CAM is particular beneficial for companies that only require a small amount of furniture to be produced as it allows even the smallest of batches to be processed rapidly with only minimal set-up times. This method of manufacture will result in your furniture being built quickly and cheaply, but, most importantly it will also be strong, and made of the highest quality metal.

Is the manufacturer right for you?

The right equipment and technology is important when you are choosing a company to partner with for your furniture production, but customer service and quality have always got to be the deciding factors. Choose a sheet metal company that is dedicated to achieving great customer service at every level of the business. If you have any concerns or questions, don't be afraid to ask. It is important to discuss every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure that you understand exactly how your sheet metal furniture will be built and what the finished product will look like.