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Commercial Transportation: Specialised Shipping Container Options for Your Cargo

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Shipping containers are beneficial for your business if you are interested in efficient transportation across different modes. This form of shipping structure is ideal for protecting goods from the harsh environment of the sea, road or rail. Moreover, the container can be used for storage in your premises. If you are looking to move dry materials with a long shelf life, you can acquire a standard shipping container for your applications. However, if you are interested in a speciality alternative, consider the below options before making a decision.

Open Top Container

If you are planning on transporting bulky cargo, you should choose an open top shipping container. As implied, the structure has a convertible top panel which can be removed. This design allows goods of high heights to be shipped with ease. You can also use a cover to transport common goods. If you plan on moving items which are both broad and tall, you can acquire a flat rack container. The sides are collapsible, allowing the placement of irregular and massive loads.

Refrigerated Container

Transporting products which are sensitive to heat can be difficult, especially over a long distance. If you are involved in such an operation, you should consider obtaining a refrigerated shipping container. The internal space of this type of structure is temperature regulated. Therefore, it will allow goods to remain at the same temperature, preventing unexpected spoilage. 

Insulated Container

Some products are sensitive to certain levels of temperature, but they do not require refrigeration. In simple terms, such goods can be stored in a cool place for long periods without spoilage. However, if they are exposed to higher temperatures while on the road or sea, eventual deterioration will occur. If this is your case, you should consider purchasing a container with thermal insulation elements. These features will prevent the outdoor temperature from interfering with the quality of the cargo.

Open Side and Double Doors

Loading and unloading goods from standard shipping containers can be challenging, especially when speed is of the essence. If you would like to handle these processes with haste, you should think about acquiring open side or double door containers. The former design has doors on the long side of the structure which facilitates quick handling of goods. The latter has double doors which provide a wider space for loading or unloading merchandise. 

There are other speciality shipping containers for sale in the market for commercial transportation. Therefore, you should discuss your requirements and options with your supplier before choosing and purchasing.