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Industrial Hydraulic Pumps: Improving Performance and Prolonging the Service Life

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Hydraulic pumps are critical components in most industrial plant machines. Therefore, these components should not be neglected as they will affect the productivity of the operation. If the upkeep practices in your company are poor, the pumps will eventually experience premature failure. As a result, your industrial plant will have unscheduled equipment downtime and high repair expenses. If you would like to improve the performance of your hydraulic pumps and prolong the service life of your industrial equipment, here are some essential maintenance and care guidelines to follow.

Clean and Inspect the Assembly

Numerous hydraulic pumps fail due to accumulation of dirt, which compromises performance. In general, if particles and debris find their way into the hydraulic fluid, the mechanical applications of the systems will be compromised. In addition, the abrasive nature of the contaminants will accelerate internal damage of the pump. Therefore, keep your industrial pumps in top condition through regular housekeeping. When cleaning your pump, you should consider inspecting the assembly. Regular assessment of the pipes, hoses and fittings around the component can help you identify and resolve problems early and before they escalate.

Consider the Hydraulic Fluid

An industrial hydraulic system cannot function without hydraulic fluid. Therefore, if you would like to ensure optimal performance of your system, you should think about the condition of this liquid. Ideally, you should examine the state of the fluid on regular intervals. This practice will allow you to recognise degradation of the material and you will know when replacement fluid is needed. When purchasing fluid for your machinery, you should take note of the type and grade of products. It is advisable to purchase the high-quality fluid recommended by the manufacturer. Poor choice of material often wears away the internal components or slows down the performance.

Control the Temperature and Pressure

The temperature and pressure in your hydraulic pump can determine the functionality and longevity of the system. Therefore, you should control these elements to ensure that your equipment is in excellent condition. Set the pressure and temperature of your machinery at the levels recommended by the manufacturer for ideal performance. You should also note the suction side of the pump has a vacuum which can cause build-up. So you need to maintain the right suction vacuum in the machine for normal function. Also, you should check for leakages in the hydraulic assembly. Loss of fluid will affect pressure and promote fire hazards.

Finally, you should choose the right industrial pump for your equipment and make sure to perform maintenance as outlined in the manual.