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Professions That Require Boom Lifts

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A boom lift helps to transport people and their working equipment from the ground to their operating site. This makes it possible for you to access areas that cannot be easily reached by a ladder. Depending on the work that you do, you can decide to either buy or rent a boom lift.

Renting is the most preferred option since it is cheaper, but if you plan to use it on a regular basis, the best strategy is to purchase a boom lift. In this case, you can decide to choose between an electrical or diesel-powered boom lift. It is necessary to seek the guidance of an expert before purchasing or using one.

There are several careers where you will be required to use a boom lift. As such, knowledge of how they work will give you an advantage in the recruitment process. Some of these careers include:


In the course of their work, electricians are required to check for electrical connections, most of which are on poles above the street. This ensures that people do not interfere with them and minimize the chances of getting electrical shocks. As an electrician, you will be required to use the boom lift to access these telephone poles and lines regularly. Most city councils have also bought them for use by their maintenance personnel. This is because they are used to fix street lights across the city.

Building contractors

Building contractors use boom lifts every single day in the course of their jobs. As a contractor, you can use the boom lift to fix windows, roofs or to install shutters in residential buildings. The boom lift is also used during the installation of roofing systems and structural foundations in huge buildings such as warehouses. The ceilings of warehouses are higher than ceilings for conventional buildings, which requires a boom lift in case any installations have to be done. Depending on your budget, you can decide to purchase a trailer boom lift or a truck boom lift.


Firefighters have the difficult task of putting out fires which are often found in inaccessible areas. Boom lifts enable them to be lifted to higher levels which enable them to point the water directly at the source of the fire. You can also use the boom lift for evacuation purposes of victims who are trapped in the top floors of a building. Similarly, food and supplies can also be ferried using boom lifts to people who are stuck.