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Find the right radiator services company for your business

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Radiators are an essential component of machines in many industries. Many types of machinery must be kept cool to prevent serious mechanical failure. Whether you work in the auto, agriculture, power generation, mining or rail sectors, you know that having the radiators in all your equipment working properly is vital. Choosing the right radiator services company is important, as you will be trusting an essential part of your business to them. You will need to be assured that they have the right level of expertise with your type of radiator.

What type of radiator services do they offer?

Whether you are seeking radiator services to get your vehicle back on the road at the earliest opportunity or you need a cooling solution for your farm machinery, you need to have confidence in your chosen radiator services company, so make sure you ask the right questions before you commit to them. Find out what type of work they usually do and whether they have the right equipment and experience to tackle your job. If you are seeking a cooling unit for your welder or industrial lighting plant, that is very different to looking for help with a faulty locomotive radiator, so always research the company as fully as you can. Talk to past customers, or at least see what testimonials are available from those in the same industry as you.

How much stock do they carry?

A radiator services company that works with your industry should keep a range of stock available so any parts you need can be fitted quickly without the need to send away for anything. A mining specialist should be able to supply items by Caterpillar, Komatsu or Mesabi off the shelf. If you do need something more specialised, they must be able to arrange for rapid delivery so that your equipment can be back working without unnecessary delay.

What other radiator services do they offer?

Any good radiator services company should be able to offer the sale of new equipment and servicing and repair of your existing radiators, but it's always helpful to find a company that is able to offer extra services. Look for a firm that has the skills to offer suggestions, or find a customised cooling solution for your business. Can they provide a bespoke service that is specifically designed for your commercial or recreational requirements? The more you know about them, the more confident you can be about following their suggestions. Researching your radiator services company before you need them will ensure you know who to call when the situation is urgent and you have equipment standing idle.